Different Types of Pipes to Use for Smoking Cannabis

If you’re a veteran smoker or are heavily into edibles, the options are endless and limited only by your imagination because there are various ways to enjoy marijuana today. In terms of the wide variety of available pipes, it’s very like. The users of marijuana have always preferred pipes due to their simple design and unique embellishments.

The process varies between pieces based on the design but is generally similar. You can alter the size of your strikes more precisely using carb holes in some pipes.

Natural materials like clay, wood, stone, bamboo, and other organic or natural substances were used to create most pipes. The only exceptions to this present day include metal and glass. We have many unique characteristics and advantages that the older pipes could not match because of our ability to modify and regulate the raw materials.

Pipes for Cannabis Smoking

Cannabis pipes are available in a variety of designs and shapes today. It is undisputed that some pipes are of simple structures, while others are complex, beautiful, stylish, and attractive. Each pipe provides distinct experiences.


A one-hitter is a circular tube made of various materials which can be used to make cigarettes by putting cannabis, tobacco, and other plants into one end. It is stuffed with enough substance to provide a single hit or puff. Clay, stone, wood, metals even bamboo can be employed to create one-hitters.

Press one end and twist it. Then, lift it to load your one-hitter. It is possible to insert a tiny amount of marijuana into the one-hitter’s other end. An easy way to use it is by smoking it. Visit a cannabis dispensary website; their loyalty program has more details.


A Chillum is an elongated or tubular tube that’s been in use for many years. It is made of bamboo, clay, and various other materials. They remain to play an essential part in the culture of India as well as other nations. They can be found fashioned from almost every substance used to create pipes in the west.

The glass chillum pipe is the most commonly used in the US; however, they’re not the only choice. They are available in various materials, like top-quality bamboo, premium wood, brass, copper, and even stone. They range from the most straightforward straight pipes to those that are massive beautiful, intricate, and decorated.

Glass Blunts

A glass cylinder with a mouthpiece connected and an open-end is the glass blunt. In most cases, a remote auger system with a mouthpiece is employed. They are easy to carry around in your pockets, take out to use and then quickly remove.

They are great to load with breakfast and transport to keep you active throughout the day. They are also great for small gatherings or a day at the beach, hiking, or whatever outdoor pursuit you enjoy. A supplier like Rosslyn cannabis dispensary has more information posted on their website.

Spoon Pipes

The majority of spoon pipes are made of glass and look like the shape of a spoon. These are the pipes used most often across the US and Canada. There are pipes with intricate patterns, changing colors, and various sizes.

They work well; they are small in size, aren’t easily damaged, and can be concealed. They’re also made of glass, making the cleaning process easy. Look up “Dispensary in Edmonton CA” for the best results.

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