The Latest Tech Trends In The Market This Christmas

Christmas Market Trends

Every Christmas season brings about significant changes to the market. Customers and gadget-lovers are treated to increased supply, massive discounts, and new apps and lines. These trends are vital. This will give shoppers and customers a better idea of what to expect in the future. They can then take advantage of the offer and stock up quickly.

Here’s a closer look at tech market trends for Christmas.

1. Increased Supply

Christmas is the season when shoppers flock to malls and stores in large numbers. According to the trends over the past five years, October through December is when companies increase their production to meet the Christmas rush. Major companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have added thousands of temporary employees to meet the demand from customers. Due to the unpredictable influx of shoppers, some stores are still short of stock.

2. Discounts make it possible to get cheaper products

To encourage and please shoppers, Christmas is a time when big discounts are often offered. This season is a high-stakes time for competitors, so they often offer customers many advantages. Sometimes discounts can be as low as 25% or as high as 75%. There will be more discounts and special offers to help customers save money on their purchases. Look out for freebies and rewards that companies may give away, such as accessories for smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

3. New Line of Products

This is a great opportunity for companies to showcase the products they will be offering in the next year. Gadget expos and shows are a common time when major announcements about upcoming devices are made. Major companies such as Samsung, Sony, and Nintendo recently made announcements about the dates for their December exhibits.

New products are also launched with the advent of Christmas. This season, new smart TVs will hit stores. In preparation for Christmas, the Wii U will be released worldwide.

4. New Apps

This Christmas season, expect new apps and games featuring Christmas themes. This is the time developers use to cash in on their creations and launch major games. Far Cry 3, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth and Eve Online are all popular titles. Gamers will be treated to a cool Christmas treat.

1. Alternatives to Social Networking Sites

Social networking is not just about LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. New social networking sites are constantly being added to the mix. Obsidian is a notable social networking site that will be making an impact shortly. The new site has all the features you would expect from social networking sites. It also features new filtering options that allow users to focus on the most relevant content.

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It also offers many benefits from a business standpoint. Managers will be able to work more effectively with employees and other companies by using this tool. Users can share feeds and make referrals. They can also collaborate on projects. Project monitoring and evaluation are possible through management tools.

Obcidio’s rapid rise in the social media scene will lead to major companies and other organizations the following suit. To keep their top spot, Facebook and Twitter will gradually introduce new features that match the potential competitor.

2. Introduction Of A New Generation Of Gaming Console

Nintendo will be returning to the top of the gaming industry in December, a game-changing trend. Nintendo is a world-renowned developer of video games and game consoles. After the 2006 release of their Wii, there were no further developments. They have been outdone by popular brands such as Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo has been left behind by the success and popularity of the Playstation 3’s and Xbox 360’s respective gaming consoles. Nintendo will be the first to launch the eighth-generation Wii U gaming consoles. It boasts enhanced graphics, better performance, and compatibility with games from Wii or GameCube.

This new console will undoubtedly signal to its competitors that they are working on products that can match the Wii U’s capabilities. Expect to hear rumors and press releases about new platforms from Microsoft and Sony for 2013.

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