Why We Love Animals More Than People


Spiritual evolution can be achieved on many different paths. This is not a secret. It is not a secret that the paths we seem to be aspiring towards as humans either invoke our heart-centered energies or feed our chaotic ego. Although I appreciate the words of inspirational writers, which move me to write post-it notes every morning, it doesn’t work for my daily life. One wise mentor said that the hardest lessons you will ever learn are from people “… Yes,… Sage Mentor, people can be really suckers.

Humanity can be cruel, and almost everyone I know has at one point blatantly said to me “GAWD, this is horrible, but I love animals more than people so let’s take a look at that level of reality. Because, frankly, I’ve been here a while and I feel the same way… How is it that humans can love animals so much better than someone sitting next to them in their vegan yoga class? I made that up. As far as I know, there are no spinach yoga classes .)… YET.

I don’t need to teach Psychology 101. Many enlightened people on the planet can help us do that, and I am certainly not a psych major. It’s difficult to love your neighbor more than yourself, and we are a very different breed. An actor and humanitarian said something that I found very interesting.

He said that he loved people but was less fond of humanity. Let’s give an eminent mystic and author his due. In one of his most famous magic books, he stated: “Humankind is the only animals that work against themselves”… We’re now getting somewhere… A peek at why we love animals more than the man who shares our office space.

The unconditional love of animals for us is what we can call the magic ingredient. To paraphrase one of my mentors in business, “The Secret Sauce”. While it is admirable that the O. angels of this planet are there to show us how things CAN be, I still struggle to leap to operate in that inspirational 10 zones every day when dealing with the outside world. We have every chance to operate at a perfect 10, by default, every day.

Perhaps that sounds a little too cynical. So before anyone stones me, let me rephrase: We have to be real and get a grip on our lives. We can get out of our narrow consciousness zone for a while when we read spiritually uplifting books, Google O’s names, or listen to Oz doctors tell us what they have been trying since the ’60s regarding lifestyle wellness.

I’m referring to the fact that not many people will actually turn off any Higher-self inspirational programs or leave a Self Empowerment seminar, and say, “Hey !….” In the heat of the moment, when we feel inspired and motivated, I’m ready to rise into a new way “…. After that moment is over, we often fall back into old, self-destructive, or lazy habits.

Give it some time. You don’t have to be mad at me for being cynical. Consider all the support and self-help groups that still exist today because of human inequalities. We are creating some jobs at least. Do not tell me that I should be “plugged into” higher thoughts. Yes, I should. And so should you. But you’re still reading this article. You know that I am telling the truth. I do my best, to tell the truth.

It is your right. Be yourself and don’t harm anyone, even if you’re truly pissed off, in a murderous rage, or depressed beyond belief because humanity seems to be letting you down when your furry friend didn’t. All of these emotions can be accepted and you can remain strong in them. You can rest your head on your pillow at night. The world didn’t become more toxic.

You just knew that you weren’t operating at the perfect 10, and that was perfectly okay. All of us get that. The toxic person who doesn’t realize they are spreading their debauchery wherever they go, talk, or stop is something that no one likes. If you can recognize that you are in a toxic mood and you know it, others will be able to laugh with you.

Let’s look at another trending issue. Do I really need to explore the dangers that can occur when trying to reach a live person to handle issues such as bills, credit card overcharges, insurance bloopers, or legal stuff? We all know that not everyone can afford to work anymore. To keep the household running smoothly, we need to be at home all the time to deal with the countless paperwork and phone calls.

After being on hold for three hours, it can be a difficult decision whether to feed your 2-year-old child or give up your place on the phone. If you are a veteran of war and think you have post-stress because you want to strangle that little girl who has been blocking the grocery aisle for too long, or a therapist who believes you need therapy, or if you plan on doing something for the intern who misdiagnosed you medical Xrays, the closest place you will find a reasonable bereavement group is at the local veterinarian’s office… let’s get it done.

Therapy is probably not necessary for you. You are entitled to a vacation. Why should you be exempted from the same grueling frustrations as the rest of us? There isn’t a single person I know that doesn’t have a lot of reasons to be happy and fulfilled. For me, I am actually quite clear-headed and grounded even when I’m utterly pissed.

There is an alternative. I suggest that we get back in control and remember that we have the power to choose how much agitation we want. To create more drama, I did not share my thoughts.

These photos were shared with me to show that I wasn’t the only one who finds it easier to love animals than people. There are many more. But, don’t wear your rage as a badge. Learn to enjoy it and to see it as it is. You don’t have to let it own you.

Whatever way you choose to go, your day will go regardless of how the ATM takes your bank card. Be bold, be angry, disgruntled, love your pet parrot as much as your neighbor. But let’s keep it in perspective. You are in control of your life.

You might try this therapeutic tip: Read a book that is uplifting before you go to bed. Strive to do a bit better… Really. Love humanity at any level that you can, despite all its flaws. Be a better person.

Many extraordinary people are out there secretly blessing the world. Do not waste your valuable energy on being pissed. So, get involved in something worthwhile, and be kind to animals. Wait a minute? I feel like I’ve just risen to my higher self…

Thank you for visiting. It was therapeutic to write. Spread the love… keep your energy up… intentionally spread positivity and kind compliments despite daily frustrations… and “may God be with you.” Do your part by adopting a furry friend. They will love you forever. It will make you a better person.

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